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Final Advert Slots

Please find a list of the final times for the WRB Adverts coming on STV.

Monday 26th October. 18:58

Tuesday 27th October. 11:25 & 16:58

Wednesday 28th October. 13:52, 18:58 & 19:59

Thursday 29th October. 10:45 & 13:15

Friday 30th October. 15:58 & 19:28

Saturday 31st October. 13:28, 19:58 & 23:28

We hope you liked the WRB Advert.

More Chances to See the WRB Advert

We hope you have seen our fantastic new advert, but if you’ve somehow missed it we have lots of showings for Friday 16th and into the weekend. See below for a list of times you can find our advert on STV/ITV.

Friday 16th October. 15:58, 16:58, 18:28, 18:58, 19:15 & 20:28

Saturday 17th October. 09:40, 14:30

Sunday 18th October. 11:40

We hope you like the new WRB Advert

WRB Gas Advert Showings

If you’ve not already seen our new advert on STV/ITV you have 5 chances to see it today and over the coming days.

Monday 12th October. 15:58, 16:58, 17:58, 19:13 & 21:58 – The advert will be airing this evening before the Euro Qualifiers and at the end of the program also.

Tuesday 13th October. 13:52, 14:58 & 19:28

Wednesday 14th October. 12:10, 15:45 & 15:58

Thursday 15th October. 10:10, 16:58,20:59 & 23:03

We have even more showings coming soon.

New Website Lauched

We’ve been working hard with our website developer to get our new website ready. We can confirm it’s now ready and is packed with lots of information about the services we provide. We’ve also introduced a new boiler quotation system. This allows you to get a estimated cost to replace your boiler.

We hope you like the new website.